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Directory Service for

Barclays Customer Services

0844 381 0437

This Directory Service is not affiliated with Barclays

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Calls to 0844 381 0437 cost 5p per minute from a BT landline, calls from other operators and mobile providers may vary and will be charged at their standard rates. This Directory Service automatically connects to the number we found for Barclays Customer Service. Employees of Barclays can click here to update this page.

Barclays Opening Times

Monday 08:00-23:00
Tuesday 08:00-23:00 Now Open
Wednesday 08:00-23:00
Thursday 08:00-23:00
Friday 08:00-23:00
Saturday 08:00-23:00
Sunday 08:00-23:00
Bank Holidays 08:00-23:00

Top reasons to call Barclays

  • Customer Service
  • Lost and Stolen cards
  • Contact about fraud
  • Debit card wont work
  • Whats an Iban
  • Savings interest rates
  • General Enquiries & Feedback

Postal address

Barclays Customer Services
1 Churchill Place
E14 5HP

About Barclays

Whether you want a current account, loan or to save, at Barclays, we have a range of products to suit your needs. See them on Barclays.co.uk.

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